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The new association "Proptech Lietuva" will help companies to adapt to the modernizing real estate market


Proptech Lithuania, an independent organization founded by Proptech start-ups and professionals, that seeks to shake up the entire Proptech ecosystem. The press release states that the organization will raise questions such as: How will our housing and work environment change in the coming decades? What will the smart cities of the future look like? Will we print energy-efficient and resource-efficient homes with 3D printers?

PropTech (Property Technology) is a term that summarizes innovation and digital transformation in the Real Estate market. Martinas Brazauskas, co-founder and head of the association, states in a press release that the wave of Proptech is gaining momentum in the world, unfortunately very little is known about Proptech in Lithuania. The real estate market affects virtually all areas of life, so understanding the digital transformation of this industry is essential for both professionals and businesses, as well as for talent-seeking talent.

"We will strive to have 300 Proptech start-ups in Lithuania in 10 years - at least 100 local and another 200 who have chosen Lithuania as one of the most attractive and advanced Proptech ecosystems in the world," the head of the association says in a press release. According to the Brussels-based "Proptech house" umbrella organization Proptech, the Proptech industry is at about the same level of development as Fintech was 7 years ago. According to the head of the organization, this is an opportunity to grow not only a unicorn, but also even larger companies.


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