Profitus news Oktober-Ergebnisse

2023-11-22 14:00:00




We want to share with you the results of October - during this month, the Profitus investor community financed as many as 30 projects (business financing, refinancing, etc.) for more than 6.9 million euros, and we paid out as much as 393,600 euros in investors. interest. We are happy with the activity of our investors, the desire to employ their money, and the more and more active investments every month.

We are also pleased to announce that Profitus has received the ESMA license of the European Crowdfunding Regulation (Regulation on European Crowdfunding Service Providers), which will allow it to operate and provide services as a crowdfunding service provider throughout the European Union. This means that you will see even more projects from foreign countries on the platform, which will allow you to diversify your investment portfolio. This updated regulation is a welcome development in the eyes of Profitus, because thanks to it, crowdfunding platforms will raise the bar to operate according to stricter standards, which will ensure greater transparency in the market, this investment tool will become safer than it was until now, and it will help unify the information provided by the platforms and the funded projects conditions, so it will ensure healthy competition between participants of crowdfunding platforms and contribute to improving the quality of services. Also, the need for this license and the desire to unify crowdfunding platforms operating throughout the European Union shows the maturity of this market and its constantly growing importance in the financial market.


We invite you to familiarise yourself with the results of October!


The month of October

Amount of money collected

6 929 429 Eur.

Number of focused projects


Interest paid

393 600 Eur.


The Profitus team is pleased that the average investment basket of our investors is constantly increasing and last month it increased by as much as +5.35%, this is especially pleasing because even as our community grows, we can select and offer you investment projects that you trust and finance on our platform and at the same time strive for financial success. freedom. As the amount raised increases, the Profitus team can offer investors ever larger projects and unique investment opportunities.


General Statistics

2023 10

Amount of money collected

 138.786 M. Eur.

Active loan portfolio

 48.787 M. Eur. 

Part of the loans was returned

89.99 M. Eur.

Percentage of overdue loans

2,94 % 


2,02 % 

Average loan to value (LTV)


Projects financed on the platform


Our Community

34 634 

Amount of interest paid

7 846 960 Eur. 

Average interest

 10,43 % 

Avg. investor portfolio

7 301 Eur. 

Number of active investors

 8 517

The average amount financed for the project

161 000 Eur. 


Loans according to risk rating


We have a total of 10 different risk ratings on the Profitus platform - from A+ to D. These ratings are distributed on the platform respectively: A+, A, A- make up 9.26%, projects with B+, B, B- rating make up 58.76% and we also have and C+, C, C- rated projects, which make up 30.64%, and the least we have D rated projects, which make up the smallest part, just 1.34%. Project risk ratings are intended to better understand the riskiness of the project - A rating indicates that the assumed investment risk is lower than when investing in C or D rated loans, but the return will be correspondingly lower if you invest in lower-risk projects. We recommend that you assess your risk tolerance and divide your investments into different risk ratings, this will allow you to balance your investment portfolio and reduce the risk you experience. You can find the latest risk ratings and all Profitus statistics on the statistics page.


Happy investing!

Profitus team


Investing always involves the risk of losing part or all of the investment. We recommend investing responsibly and diversifying your investments.