Profitus news Profitus September-Ergebnisübersicht

2023-10-16 11:00:00


Profitus September-Ergebnisübersicht


We want to share with you the results of September - during this month, the Profitus investor community financed as many as 42 projects (business financing, real estate projects, refinancing, etc.) for more than 6.6 million euros, and we paid out as much as 313,917 euros in investor interest. We are happy with the activity of our investors, the desire to employ their money, and the more and more active investments every month.

It is also encouraging that more and more Profitus investors are discovering the new Profitus referral program launched in August. We see more and more new investors coming from your referrals. We say thank you for sharing your good experience with your friends on the Profitus platform. This allows us to grow our investor community, increase our capacity to finance even bigger projects, and improve our records.


We invite you to familiarise yourself with the results of September!


The month of September

Amount of money collected

6 696 599 EUR

Number of focused projects


Interest paid

313 799 EUR


Every month we finance a similar amount of money—6 million euros, but we notice that the amount is increasing little by little, and we will soon reach the new co-financing standard - 7 million euros. This is encouraging because half a year ago we aimed to finance 5 million euros per month, which means that since that day we have increased our financed amount by even 2 million euros. The increase in the co-financed amount is contributed not only by the growing number of investors (not only from Lithuania but also from foreign countries), but also by larger commercial projects, which allow our investors to distribute their investments even more widely and to finance not only residential projects but also contribute to the development and implementation of commercial projects.

It is also encouraging that as new investors increase every month and invest smaller amounts at the beginning, the overall average of the active investment portfolio of all Profitus investors not only does not decrease but actively increases. It grew by 2.2 percent during the month. and currently amounts to 7.3 thousand euros.


General statistics

2023 09

Amount of money collected

 131.857 M. Eur.

Active loan portfolio

 46.089 M. Eur. 

Part of the loans was returned

85.76 M. Eur.

Percentage of overdue loans

3,50 % 


3,08 % 

Average loan yo value (LTV)


Projects financed on the platform


Our community

33 992 registruoti vartotojai 

Amount of interest paid

7 453 360 Eur. 

Average interest

 10,46 %

Number of active investors


Average amount financed for the project

139 512 Eur.


We are happy with the results of September!

Thank you for being part of the Profitus community and we believe and strive for even better results next month!


Happy investing!

Profitus team


Investing always involves the risk of losing part or all of the investment. We recommend investing responsibly and diversifying your investments.