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2023-08-02 10:00:00


Profitus Juli-Ergebnisse


July was a record month for the Profitus community - during this month, we not only financed the largest project "Terramisu", for which 441 investors raised 3.1 million euros in almost 5 hours but also the amount financed for the whole month is a record - we financed more than 6.8 million euros and we reached the highest monthly amount funded. This is influenced by the larger projects financed on the platform, so we are happy that real estate developers who are engaged in commercial activities are discovering and trusting crowdfunding platforms and finding them as a great alternative to finance their business.

It is also pleasing that we are expanding faster outside Lithuania and can offer more and more projects to investors. A great example of this is the first project in Estonia, so investors will be able to further diversify (split) their investments not only among different projects, with different risk ratings, cities, and loan purposes but also different countries, which will allow them to further protect their investment portfolio from risks.

Successful recovery process

Important news, which until now has only been heard by those who invested in Balti's projects (Profitus, the developer, terminated the contract with this developer when it became clear that the developer had committed violations against the tax inspectorate and that the terms of the contract were not being followed): At the beginning of August, the court and recovery processes and projects from Baltai stage II to Baltai stage VII returned as much as 925 thousand euros and investors who invested in the stages of this project earned from 11.5 to 15% annual interest. (the return depends on the invested amount and the stage of the project in which the investment was made). This group of companies had borrowed almost 3 million euros in total through the Profitus platform, and currently, the buyers managed to sell and return 2.1 million euros through the bailiffs. Also, during the second half of August, another 155 thousand will be returned to investors. euro loans, because we managed to sell the developer's mortgaged property during the bidding process.

Another project was also successfully recovered - one of the first projects financed on the Profitus platform, the "Apartment in Domeikava" project, which, after protracted trials and the completion of the necessary procedures, paid out the remaining parts of the loan to all the investors who invested in this project. The total return of the project was 11.97%

Successful examples of recovered projects show that although these processes take longer and the final result needs to be waited for, in the final version the Profitus team can successfully recover projects and return to investors their invested funds, with the interest due to them. We can also be happy that so far our investors have not lost any of their investments.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the results of the month of July!


The month of June

The month of July

Amount of money collected

3 546 759,70 Eur.

6 889 587,38 Eur.

Number of focused projects



Interest paid

229 169 Eur.

256 748 Eur.



General statistics

The month of June

The month of July

Amount of money collected

113 104 230 Eur.

121 940 730 Eur.

Active loan portfolio

36 717 290,47 Eur.

 36 845 517,00 Eur.

Part of the loans was returned

70 033 980,00 Eur.

76 563 380,00 Eur.

Percentage of overdue loans


1,78 %



1,55 %

Average loan yo value (LTV)



Projects financed on the platform



Our community

32 027 registruoti vartotojai

32 853 registruoti vartotojai

Amount of interest paid

6 272 004 Eur.

6 754 577 Eur.

Average interest

10,12 %

10,42 %

Number of active investors

7 791

8 082

Distribution of loans according to risk rating

A+, A, A- = 10.15%

B+, B, B- = 55,59%

C+, C, C- = 32,56%

D = 1,69%

A+, A, A- = 10.75%

B+, B, B- = 56,33%

C+, C, C- = 31,35%

D = 1,57%

Average amount financed for the project

120 007,13 Eur.

123 797,70 Eur.

Distribution of loans by country

Lithuania 99.40 %, Spain 0,35 %, Latvia 0,25 %

Lithuania 96.71 %, Spain 0,33 %, Latvia 2,78 %, Estonia 0,19%

Trustpilot rating

4,2 (214 reviews)

4,2 (218 reviews)


We are happy with the results of July and the successful recovery process!

Thank you for being part of the Profitus community and we believe and strive for even better results next month!


Happy investing!

Profitus team


Investing always involves the risk of losing part or all of the investment. We recommend investing responsibly and diversifying your investments.